In the production of spirits, in addition to rum, wine distillates, fruit brandies, fruit juices and many other aromatic raw materials, a considerable quantity of drugs (herbs, spices and roots) are also worked with. The drugs contain both volatile and non-volatile flavourings soluble in alcohol. Whilst the volatile flavourings are gained during the distillation process, the non-volatile drug contents are obtained through an extraction procedure known as maceration.

In the maceration process (Latin macerare: to soak) the drugs are placed in alcohol in a special receptacle. After a precisely specified time period the extract (=macerate) is drained off and processed with further ingredients to create the desired spirit.

We produce the macerates, the heart of the herbs and the root liqueurs in-house.

During the maceration process (lat. macerare: to steep), the drugs are steeped into alcohol in a special vessel. After a fixed time, the essence composition of the carefully selected herbs, roots and spices(the macerate) is extractedcarried out and processed together with further ingredients for the desired our experienced staff following our own in-house recipes.